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Warrior from Three Worlds. Part 1 - Eleazar

Producent: Kościuszko
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Warrior from Three Worlds. Part 1 - Eleazar

A Teenager Is Terrorized by a Gang and Saved by A Mysterious Warrior

This is a story of courage. A normal, quiet, studious boy is threatened by a band of thugs. Through time travel, an officer in God’s army teaches him about valor and commitment.

In Warrior from Three Worlds, author Robert Kosciuszko introduces us to some wildly contrasting characters. First, we meet a normal kid who is both quiet and studious. Next, we meet a gang of ruffians who threaten the neighborhood with acts of extortion, coercion, drug dealing, and bullying. You will be held in rapt attention as the author describes the boy’s efforts to escape the intimidation he suffers at the hands of the gang members. And you will be spellbound as the frightened boy receives help from another world, from an officer in the army of Elohim. As the mysterious warrior transports the boy 3,000 years back in time, they join the army of King David. The boy is faced with ancient truths that teach him to grow in courage until he is able to fulfill a vitally important mission. This riveting adventure reaches its climax as the author reveals a secret plan for the Final Strike, which, if performed successfully, could defeat Lucifer, himself. Warrior from Three Worlds is a captivating trans-millennial journey through time and space.

Robert Kosciuszko grew up in Bydgoszcz, a small city in Poland. He finds inspiration through his family and the stories from the Bible. Robert has sold 20,000 books in Europe. He has spoken to 250,000 people in churches, schools, and conferences.

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Format: 152 x 229